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    How many WordPress plugins are just too many?

    We regularly review and audit WordPress sites and one of the most frequent question we receive from clients is “How many Plugins should we keep in our site ? Are these too many? Is it safe or stable? scalable?

    1. It is not about quantity but quality: Each plugin is a different component and some are poorly coded, or use more resources than actually need.
    2. Not all plugins are safe to use: Perhaps one of the most widespread ideas is that WordPress is not safe, but the truth is that, like with any other CMS, WP is as safe as the component you install. There are many plugins  with  serious vulnerability problems and those may affect the site greatly. In particular, stay away from plugins that do not offer regular updates, or have reported vulnerabilities in the past.
    3. Compatibility Issues: Some plugins with outdated versions or not tested with the  current WordPress version may affect greatly with anomalous function. It is key to  test that each plug is compatible with the theme and WP code.
    4. Load time & Performance: There are plugins that may affect site’s performance. Some plugins may add  extra Javascript/jquery code impacting the site speed while backend plugins may effects the site by overloading with too many database calls and queries. Plugins that require querying large amount of data should be carefully vetted and tested on a regular basis.

    In sum, there is is not really any exact number of plugins that may be too much for a site. You just have to make sure you are using just the tools you need, choosing effective plugins those will help rather than adding a  burden for your web site . If you notice that the site is slowing down, that would be a clear red flag that something is not ok, and plugins would be one of the first place to look for the solution.


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