The Unstoppable Power of WordPress

    The Unstoppable Power of WordPress

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    WordPress is the largest and most flexible content management system, and it’s used on almost 40% of the internet’s websites.

    That is a wild number considering how many options for CMS are out there. When you want to launch a store, website, or blog, you want to choose a platform that has a high chance of success. WordPress is where the pros go to launch and power the internet. Its massive adoption and ease of use, along with plenty of plugins and themes, means it’s practically perfect for any store, website, or blog.

    At the end of the day, one of the most important questions is, how much time and energy do you want to spend on your website? The problem with most CMS platforms comes into place when inevitably you or your client request to do something that should be simple and straightforward, but the platform itself doesn’t support it. In order to make things easy, a lot of code editing abilities have to be restricted. As a result, you have limitations on what you can do. What if you wanted something a little more customized, something with a bit more of a human touch? Life is complicated. Why shouldn’t your website be?

    There’s a reason WordPress has over half of the market share in the CMS industry: it’s easy to use and many other systems integrate with it. If you want your site to be customizable and versatile, look no further than WordPress.

    WP is not just powering 40% of the websites on the internet, it’s powering the way businesses are done online.

    This ensures that virtually every software you might use integrates with WordPress directly because they don’t want to exclude 40% of all the websites out there from using their services. It also means it’s easy and inexpensive to find courses, training and professionals to manage your site.

    While custom development is always an option, the problem is that it’s easily expensive to create and expensive to maintain because you have to build everything from scratch. For most small businesses it’s simply not a viable or affordable option. Plus, do you want to be locked into a single platform forever?


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