Denver Posts Makes The Jump To WordPress

    Since 1892, The Denver Post has published countless pulitzer prize winning stories and has accumulated 6 million readers. The Denver Post prides itself with a level of journalism integrity and quality of it’s content so making the switch to WordPress was an obvious choice for the Denver news outlet.

    WordPress, is a free, open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It allows it’s users to experience increased functionality and simplicity in it’s ease of use, making it an increasingly popular choice in website redesign. That’s why, it’s no wonder that WordPress powers 26% of websites worldwide.

    The Denver Post, operated by Digital First Media, opted for increased mobile optimization, faster loading time, and a clean, modernized design with concise navigation.

    Mobile optimization improvements made possible by WordPress was a huge deciding factor in their website revamp, like most publishers, over half of the Denver Post’s readers are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. The new website features an improved experience on smaller screens. Mobile users will see an increase in site experience as well as easy to view slide shows and faster loading video.

    The Denver Post also focused much of it’s website upgrade to the most important aspect of their site- the articles. With the ability to bring faster moving news straight to the reader, The Denver Post can be an incredibly valuable asset to Colorado residents.

    While they know that the new site isn’t perfect, they are committed to tweaking it’s functionality until it is. While launching the new site took just over a year to produce, The Post is still looking for feedback from it’s users.

    One of the major issues invigorating the upgraded website was user complaints on the site’s slow loading times, plaster of unwanted advertisements, the inability to search for news that was just a few days old and videos that wouldn’t load on a mobile device. For consumers of The Post, this is a welcome and overdue change. The Post understood it’s readers frustration, and took user feedback seriously to develop the site’s design.

    Most-used sections are quick to navigate at the top of the new website while less viewed articles can be found in their new robust search feature. While readers of Carolyn Hax, or avid weather watchers aren’t able to utilize those functions currently, those features will be running again soon, according to their updated FAQ section.

    Managing email preferences, subscribing to daily alerts, browsing through recent and archival content will be easier than ever, and the improved user experience will help readers discover more of the great work they produce daily. Videos, photo galleries, stories and graphics will all be much easier to find and better integrated working features are all part of the redesign.

    We’re excited to begin experiencing the new design, faster load times and integrated photo galleries, videos and graphics and are ready to see what’s in store for the Denver Post’s new WordPress website, just in time for the Denver Broncos 2016-17 season to begin.


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