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    WordPress Still Leads The Pack Amongst Rival CMS Joomla

    There is a new CMS website platform on the scene, but WordPress is still leading the pack. Rival CMS platform Joomla recently released their newest version in March of 2016. With almost half the amount of downloads, WordPress is still the favorite amongst beginners and professionals alike.

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    Denver Posts Makes The Jump To WordPress

    Since 1892, The Denver Post has published countless pulitzer prize winning stories and has accumulated 6 million readers. The Denver Post prides itself with a level of journalism integrity and quality of it’s content so making the switch to WordPress was an obvious choice for the Denver news outlet.

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    WordPress 3.8.1 release

    The latest WordPress version is available this week and it is recommended to update via dashboard or by downloading the latest release. This new release (WordPress 3.8.1) is mainly maintenance released that includes some fixes to a number of bugs and issues that arose in the 3.8 release. Here is a list of the main…

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